Eating and photographing my way through the world for six months. Keep up with the adventure here.  

Check savings? Done.

Raid points balance? Check.

Quit work without actually quitting? Yup.

Stress over a blog name? Obviously.


My name is Alicia and that was essentially how this spirit quest planning process went, with of course, much love and support from my amazing girlfriend. I'm just about rounding out a six-month sabbatical in which I traveled around the world, eating and snapping way through cities and parks.


The name "Photos and Potatoes" came about because 1) all I do is snap photographs and eat potatoes, 2) that's what I planned to do while traveling and 3) honestly I had just read my roommate's amazing newsletter and I think her concepts, Coffee & TV lodged in my brain -- SORRY RUTH. But seriously, you should read her newsletter. 


I aspire to give you real stories of life on the road. True to me the stories mix humor, sadness, and shenanigans to give you a unique perspective into a particular place in this tiny blue sphere in space. I've also started to create little guides to the places I've been. These will continue to get better, so bear with me please. You can always download Lonely Planet for real "how to" guides -- consider mine just a dash of humor, key bits, and some photographic + travel inspiration. 


As always I'd love to get to you know. Feel free to follow me on social media and drop a comment on a post you've loved / hated / meh'ed. 





photo /ˈfōdō /

NOUN a picture made using a camera, in which an image is focused onto film or other light-sensitive material and then made visible and permanent by chemical treatment, or stored digitally. And something I always do.

potato / pəˈtādō| 

NOUN a starchy plant tuber that is one of the most important food crops, cooked and eaten as a vegetable. And my main food source.